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Welcome to the TGWSTW Community5 min read

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
— Albert Einstein —

What is the current progress?

It’s been a long time, I know.
I would like to apologize for not having released any news during that time, and thank you for your patience. Over time the TGWSTW fan community has grown slowly but steadily, and with it many ideas and expectations.

The story is still under construction, because we have to write it alongside our regular jobs. It has become more complex, enriched with twists, new plots and characters. We’ve also expanded Episode 1 – “The Loss”, added a whole new storyline, expanded the dialogues and added a lot of additional answering options (not released yet).

As for features and mechanics, there are also some exciting things on our To-Do list that intensify the experience and improve the game flow. Also, the graphical design of the user interface has changed, which completes the overall picture.

Why is this taking so long? It’s only audio!

The short answer: The story alone is a big deal.

The long answer: Writing a story in general demands a lot of work and if it’s supposed to be a good story it becomes even more challenging. Exactly for this reason many game developers go without a comprehensive or profound story and are content with a superficial plot. And many players don’t seem to mind it either. In this way such games can be produced faster because the developers save a lot of valuable time and focus on the gameplay instead. For all other things like graphical assets, sound effects, mechanics, you can build a production pipeline. Once you’ve completed such a modular system, you can use it again and again to create completely new – but very similar – games in much less time.

A story, on the other hand, is unique. At least it should be. You don’t just use a modular system for that. You create a world out of nothing and let it grow. It’s the same with the sound. Integrating a few sound effects into a game is quickly done. But building a story world with specially recorded sounds is like filling an empty canvas with colors and shapes. It’s very elaborate because it has to be created scene by scene with love for detail. And what about the interaction? Puzzles also want to be well embedded into the story (this is also reworked and enormously improved in the revision of “The Loss”) and as original as possible.

With such a high workload, you have two choices. Either you can reduce the amount of time you have to spend by getting additional manpower, which costs a lot of money, or you have to take your time if you can’t afford the former.
We decided to offer Episode 1 “The Loss” for free, so that nobody has to buy a pig in a poke. But of course this had the disadvantage that we couldn’t refill our production budget and still have to continue our regular jobs.
In the end, this means that we have to meet this monstrous challenge with very limited manpower and just take the time it needs. It is inevitable.

In addition to many individual elements such as plots, characters, twists and conflicts, two factors have a decisive influence on the time it takes to build a story: complexity and length.
And TGWSTW is both complex and long. Considering that the shooting script for a blockbuster like Inception contains about 28 thousand words and we’re targeting 40-50 thousand words per episode for TGWSTW and 2-2.5 hours of continuous dialogue time per episode, we’re just writing a huge adventure of 20 blockbuster lengths, with almost 1 million words. And that includes only the dialogues and plots – no puzzles, no flashbacks and no sound design yet.
Doesn’t that sound like a lot of work? 🙂

We don’t want to and can’t finish the whole game in advance. But we want and have to write the whole story in advance so it’s really good and coherent and we have full control over when and what happens in the story from the very beginning.

What do we want to achieve?

We have very high expectations of ourselves. We want to write a masterpiece story. We want to create an epic adventure. “The Girl Who Sold The World” should offer an extraordinary immersion with the fictional world and create a very strong emotional bond with the protagonist. Plus outstanding sound quality. And I think that we are on the right track.

After the complete release of all episodes we would like to give other storytellers the chance to tell complex stories in audio format in a comfortable way and to make them interactive with dialogues and puzzles. This will be done either with our engine or some kind of our own online service, which would be especially convenient for those who have no programming knowledge at all.

But without you, none of this will happen. Without you – we won’t be able to do that.

How should that work? After all, we’re doing it all for you, the story lover who wants to immerse himself in another world and experience it as if it was real. You are the listener of our story. And in order for you to listen with excitement and be fully satisfied by the audio adventure experience, we need to know what your expectations and preferences are. We need to know early on if something is outstanding or if we are on the wrong track with what we are doing. That’s why we need you here in the TGWSTW community. Not only do you play one of the leading roles in this adventure and determine the course of it, you are also the supporting pillar for a unique entertainment genre.

Without you – “The Girl Who Sold The World” has no right to exist.

What is the purpose of this blog?

On the one hand we would like to offer you and other TGWSTW fans a forum to participate in the discussion. That way you can contribute your ideas and suggestions and shape this adventure with us.

On the other hand we would like to share the whole creation process of “The Girl Who Sold The World” with you and offer you further interesting content around story and audio in general.
We will do our best to find the time to post regularly. Promised!

So – are you in?
Just register and say “Hello” in the comments.
And be sure to take part in the first visual poll and let us know what you think of our new logo.
Please respect each other and keep in mind that we have some VIPs (= Visually Impaired People) amongst us, so do not assume that everyone sees what you see or the same way you see it.

Thank you.

. . .


  1. Roxyindy6556

    So glad to see this game is moving forward. After reading about the work that is going into this game, it seems that it is rather like writing a book and creating a movie, all under the hood of a gaming platform. Whew! Got tired just thinking about it. I know this game will most certainly be worth the wait, because the devs actually care about quality and not just quantity.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Thank you!
      Haha 🙂 I know – smoking heads are a common occurance throughout the development. A nice walk in the woods later the craziness can go on.

  2. armstrong25

    I would really appreciate if you would take accessiblity for voiceover users seriously and implament it so we can all play as well.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      No worries. The Ear-Mode will be definitely there, for all those – including me – who would like to play without watching on the screen. 100% immersion!

  3. alicezyz

    Can feel your ambition when reading this post. So glad to see you didn’t give it up though it is difficult to keep a regular job and make a game at the same time. Take your time and I am willing to wait. Gook luck.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      That’s so nice to hear. Thank you for your appreciation!

  4. Valmorian

    hi, good luck and happy making! I’m sure we all look forward to playing

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Hi, thanks. The fun is still there, despite the hard work.

  5. Alan

    So good to hear from you guys (and gals) after such a long time! I’ve kept the game even when I thought there might not be any future developments. I had such a wonderful experience with this game, I just can’t wait to continue the story!

    Props to the devs who are doing this alongside a regular job, that’s seriously impressive!

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Thank you so much, Alan! Great to have you here.

  6. Arkandias

    I’m definitly with you guys. Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to see the results.
    Why not launching your project on quick starter? Many people, including me, would surely support you. It’s not much, but it could help.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Hi and thank you! That’s an amazing feeling to have you willing to back us! And although I’m trying really hard to do a lot of things as cost-effective as possible, a Kickstarter will be necessary at some point.

  7. Kehewett

    I have thoroughly enjoyed playing, twice now. Extremely interesting concept with unique game play.
    I am thrilled to see progress with additional chapters! I’ve grown fond of “Frances” and look forward to accompanying her on her journey in the future.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Wow, that’s fantastic. Be sure that Frances has grown fond of you, too 🙂 And she has so much to tell you.
      Jeez, we’re so excited to share it with the world!

  8. MilKatrena

    I absolutely love this game and have anxiously been waiting for any sign of the next chapter. I love the intensity that you feel right a long with her as she moves forward into the game. I love the fact that she is talking to you as you move along so you can actually experience what she is going through throughout the game. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with in the near future.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Welcome and thank you so much! And we love the fact, that you’ve experienced it exactly like we intended and imagined it in our vision. That’s so rewarding 🙂

  9. spek62

    2 wishes: sync between devices; better colours for usage at the beach because some blue letters couldn’t be read under heavy light.

    • Art@TGWSTW

      device sync/cloud save is on our schedule and regarding the colors we’ll have to experiment to find the golden mean. Thanks for your feedback!

  10. Art@TGWSTW

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, and thank you so much for the kind words!

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Hello! Nice to have you here 🙂

    • Art@TGWSTW

      Hi Vito and Welcome!
      We’re happy you like it and we think the new version will blow your mind 🙂 Stay tuned!

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