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Storyteller. Traveller. People Person.

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The stories behind the stories2 min read

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side they don’t show to anyone.”
— Mark Twain —

Hi everybody!

After Art already brought you up to date with all the news about TGWSTW, I just want to say “Hello” to you. I hope you all are doing well and had a good start into the new year.
You may not know it yet, but there is (theoretically) a clear division of tasks in our team.

Art is responsible for all the technical stuff, including structure and puzzles, and I concentrate on developing the story and the characters. Of course, we get in each other’s way more and more often 😉 But there is benefits on both sides from being each other’s guinea pigs.

Like, recently, we are designing together a new type of adventure game friendly combat system for the story lover. I’m not as much of a gamer, but even I can handle it easily and it embeds into the story just perfectly.
Which brings me right back to the main reason of this post.

Especially when developing the characters, I got into the habit of creating a background story for each of them. What he used to be, how he got there, what he wants to achieve, all the things that make this character different and special. That way it’s easier for me to keep the overview and put myself in the character’s shoes.
Based on his experience I can create a certain profile of him. Of course, I adapt this profile to the needs of the story, but once it’s created, I weave this character credibly into the story.
It’s a lot of stories that you wouldn’t get to read, but since I also want to actively contribute to this blog…

I have this idea…

Instead of just gathering dust in my desk, I would love to share these stories with you.
I will post them here on a regular basis. In small sidelines, which simply don’t fit into the main plot, at least not to a larger extent, I’ll introduce you to the characters and their secrets.
These little background stories will give you an insight into the emotional world of these antagonists and help you to understand their motives. If you read them carefully you might even have a small advantage and help Frances to make the right decision in certain situations 😉
I’m very excited about this idea and hope you are looking forward to the first story as much as I do.

. . .


  1. Imnidjit

    Wow. Thanks for all that information and background. Your whole outlook is very artistically inspiring. May you flourish!

    • Barbara@TGWSTW

      Thank you for your kind words. As an author you always give away a piece of your soul and therefore you are very vulnerable. Your support is very precious for me. I hope you will accompany us on our further way and that you will continue to feel inspired.

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