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Storyteller. Traveller. People Person.

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A promise3 min read

Fucking little rat.

Should have killed him when I had the chance!
Piece of shit!
Thinks he can outsmart all of us.
Where I put…
Ah there it is…
I can’t believe it.
That scumbag is trying to fuck us.
Pissing off quietly.
Quietly my ass!
How glad my little messenger here screwed up your plans.
Didn’t see that coming, huh?
You son of a bitch.

We’re gonna leave you here rotting.

Where are you, greenhorn…
Why does it all has to end in a fucking drama?
Life here is hell enough already.
Every reasonable person would blow his brains out already instead of taking this any longer.
People have become animals.
No! Worse!
They’ve become Zombies!
Zombies gouging their eyes out for a handful of dirt.
Aviana is doomed.
We’re doomed.


Dynamite’s the only thing that can save us.
Blow up the whole fucking shithole with a loud bang.
Raze it to the ground.
Fuck, yeah.
If I still had my supply, by God, I’d do it.
Not one stone would be left standing on another.
Everything’s going up in smoke.
Maybe something better would come to life afterwards.
Victor, where the hell are you?!
Why haven’t you packed?
Why aren’t you here?
You have a real talent for this…

Always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I told you so many times…
Why didn’t you stick around?
But when have you ever listened.
Not during the blastings, the mining, the smuggling or even the binge drinking.
How many times have I pulled your young ass out of the dirt?
How many times?
And always I forgave you…
just laughed with you about it afterwards…
But not this time, kiddo.
Not this time.

We have only this one chance.

And that little asshole of an engineer almost ripped that chance away from us.
Never trust anyone who is only driven by profit!
Money-grubbing scum!
They’re the first to leave the sinking ship.
What good is all this pile of diamonds now?
We have become filthy rich…
And now?
Put it in the bank?
Live a happy life?
Now we would give everything back for a piece of bread.
Who needs diamonds here anyway…
Easy come, easy go. That’s all.
Life’s a whore!
A bloody fucking whore!

Suka bljad.

Were those not your last words?
Like it was yesterday…
when the ice tunnel buried you and Jips forever…
Suka bljad!
That sums it up.
I’m gonna get us out of here, kid.
I promised you that back then.
I’m gonna keep it.
We’re leaving this goddamn place!
Just get your ass over here.
Come on.
Time’s against us.
It’s now or never.

You really fucked up, kid.

I don’t want to let you down…
but you leave me no choice.
I just made it.
The pen is dead.
I can guess already.
You’ll curse me first…
break something here and there.
Then you’re gonna check our secret hiding places to see if I took anything…
Smart boy.
I’ve been meaning to give it to you for a while now, and I…
I hope it won’t save your life just once.
If I make it and find another messenger, I’ll send you a message-
probably not a very nice one.
This stomach pain is unbearable…
Maybe I should take a tin…
Just one.
I could easily swallow the whole supply.
No, fuck…
Put it away you greedy bastard.
The boy needs it.
He needs his energy for the day.

You’ve just taken away his hope…

. . .


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