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Storyteller. Traveller. People Person.

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In the cross hairs5 min read

I was supposed to be looking at the monitors.
It’s forbidden – but I can’t help it. Maybe that’s why ? I don’t know. The desire is just too strong.
I just love looking at those faces from 10,000 yards away through my scope. Then I imagine who that person could be, what position they have at NOVA Industries, where they’re going. Sometimes I follow them to see what they do next. Or I get inside their head and try to anticipate what they’re thinking.

That man over there, for example. All dressed up, a laptop under his arm. He’s probably waiting for a taxi. Fucking ghost cabs.
I’ll never get used to these things. It’s odd. I don’t trust other people, let alone computer programs. To me, a real driver, flesh and blood, belongs behind the wheel. If there even was a steering wheel.

Heh. I must be seeing things. Now he just threw a wrinkled piece of paper on the sidewalk.

I could report this.

Environmental protection is taken very seriously in Aviana and there are very severe penalties for this.
But I won’t.
I often throw things away myself. Just like that. As a small act of rebellion. I just want to see how fast or from which direction the shitty cleanbot’s coming.

Yeah – Aviana is a very clean city. And a stylish one at that.
Not like the town I come from. I’m always glad I got away from that shithole. I mean, Ringsted has 422 inhabitants, the same number of cornfields and a shitty bar.
Nothing else.
Compared to that, Aviana is just incredible.
Especially from the 27th checkpoint where I’m stationed this month, the city, which is actually just a small town, looks simply breathtaking.

Like in a cauldron, surrounded by snowy mountains, the downtown proudly presents itself with its ultra-modern architecture. The bluish lights are reflected in the glass facades of the office buildings, creating a mystical aura of reflections and a light fog hanging over the city.
And this in turn is enveloped by the yellowish shimmering residential parks that surround the city core in a ring shape.
They look like islands illuminated by moonlight, rising out of the sea. This is probably what is called a neuro urbanistic concept.

And while I’m freezing my ass off up here, it’s fuckin’ summertime down there.

Hard to believe – but it is.

The temperature is constant all year round. Hardly any fluctuations.
On the weekends, I see children playing in the gardens and the smouldering fires of the barbecues that has been thrown on. They are just being together and enjoying the essence of life. It’s nothing and everything.
Everything that has fallen into oblivion in the rest of the world.
I can almost smell the meat sizzling there.
The bungalows they live in are all very similar. Mine too. Only from its size and that of the property a kind of hierarchy can be derived.
The bigger, the higher the rank of the owner. Obviously.
And yet no one is jealous of the other. Everyone is happy and content.
Everyone seems to have more than enough.

Everything in this city is tailored to the needs of the people living here. Even the air here is so incredibly clean.
Clean not only in the sense that it’s free of particles. No.
It smells like safety and contentment.
So much so that it almost makes me puke. I mean – I leave my bungalow like a pigsty, come back from my three weeks shift and what?
Not only is the place licked clean… Even the fucking coat hooks point the same direction every time.
Took me a while to get used to it.
And now I’m really enjoying it.

Just a few hours left and I will let myself go – again. I’ve earned it, after all. A three weeks shift here alone in the mountains is pretty tough.
Even for me.
But with a one week off, it’s quite bearable.

Of course only in the Deep Blue.

No exceptions. The Deep Blue is an underground spot that was probably built especially for us spoiled alpha singles.
Either to make our lives more bearable or to make us addicted.
Or both.
Anyway. It’s not just about getting a good fuck while families with kids are romping around in the shopping areas a few meters above your pate. After three weeks you just need a few faces around you. A few real faces. Close enough to touch.
Maybe I’ll meet someone I’ve had in my crosshairs up here before. Then I can get in close and see how far I’ve gotten with my estimates. And if not, then I’ll get plastered with my buddy Mike and we’ll chat a bit about Aviana and her tender secrets that she guards like a black widow.

After all, we are guarding an invisible border – some of us to the outside, others to the inside. But what for? You won’t find it on the map. Even satellite images do not reveal its location.
Yet it exists.
And I – Kenny Foster – live in it.
I know that Nova Industries built this city in the middle of nowhere. As a kind of research and development center.

Almost everybody knows that.

It’s just that my knowledge stops there.
What are they researching? What are they developing?
Everybody seems to know just about as much as they need to know to do their job.
At first I thought, fuck it. As long as the money’s right. And in 15 years, when I finish my service here, I’ll be set for life.
But eventually, my curiosity started to eat me up.
I’m only human.
After three cunts and half a bottle of tequila, I start to wonder.

This secrecy and the fact that every asshole here sticks to it slowly but surely wears me down.
And this red brick house at the edge of the forest, which is completely out of line like – a dinosaur.
What the fuck?
Does it symbolize anything?

Mike once told me something about people who are taken there but never come back out.
It’s hard to believe when almost every citizen here gets treated so well.
Either he popped few pills too many or –

Aviana’s hiding a really dark secret…

. . .


  1. Imnidjit

    Wow, what a great story! Thanks for sharing this stuff, I find it very inspiring, as well as highly entertaining. I don’t know how many non-commentators are seeing this and not bothering to sign up or in or whatever, but I think I speak for them all. This is lit!

    • Barbara@TGWSTW

      Thanks for the compliment ;o) Great to hear that you enjoyed my little story and even felt inspired. Stay tuned, because there’s more to come. Love, Barbara

    • Barbara@TGWSTW

      Thank you, Joseph! Greetings, Barbara

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