Fantastic job - 5 stars

November 4, 2017

Amazing (voice) acting and sounds! I’m an audio engineer myself and I think you did an excellent job there!



November 2, 2017

Erinnert mich tatsächlich an die guten Hörspielzeiten, aber es ist so viel realer! Mehr davon buitte!

Christopher B.


November 2, 2017

I’m just blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_____O | ( )

Tamilla Brant

Made me crazy!!!!!

October 28, 2017

In a positive way of course.I caught myself biting my nails while waiting for Frances to re-connect. I mean I didn’t intend to but just started to worry about her. I couldn’t stop and was kind of nervous. Like she was real, out there somewhere. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Ben Takrif

Better than a lucid dream!

October 27, 2017

My wife clearly imagined a cabin on a hill, with fog and stuff. Although mine was not on a hill (which is good) it was a mesmerizing experience! Thank you for that!

Tommmy R

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