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An Audio Adventure Game (AAG)
with puzzles, many different paths
and a story you will never forget

“Imagination is the ticket to a true experience


one you will never find in the real world.”


– Lyorah Studios –

“The Girl Who Sold the World”
relies on audio only.

It has an intriguing story to tell
fueled by nothing else but

your imagination.

The human brain has more power, than any graphics card will ever have.

Open your mind to our canvas of sound.

Let your imagination run wild.

Let it create the most intense mental cinema.

Then you are going to experience a real adventure.
Real characters.
Real emotions.

Connect with Frances through a device called Skyler and you’ll find yourself right in the middle of her journey.

Become her companion and travel with her in real-time.

Be smart and solve all puzzles.

Make decisions that really matter
(we mean it)
and shape the story.

Are you ready to plug in your headphones?

“I wish I had more imagination…

or at least some salt.”


– Frances –

It was a pretty big surprise when she opened the letter and suddenly held a plane ticket in her hands.
But, of course, she was more than happy.
To be on the safe side, she caught up on reading all the survival passages in the letters from Anna.
Finally, she didn’t want to stand out with a lack of knowledge.

The open half-empty trunk is standing in the middle of her room, like a monument to her organizing inability, as the doorbell rings.
The cab – it’s already waiting and she is still running to and fro collecting stuff.
It is a simple task actually – but not for Frances. Every time she takes her trunk out of the cupboard, memories of the tragic accident are revived.
And with the memories, pain and anger come.
Anger, because of the blow of fate. Again and again she has tried to comfort herself with the thought that life has to compensate her for what she has gone through.
She has the feeling that something huge is lying ahead.

One last glimpse at her apartment, then the heavy door clicks shut. With a smile on her face, she is sitting in the cab ready to head for the airport.
A familiar feeling of excitement starts to spread in her stomach.


– The adventure is about to begin…

E-diary v 1.7
User: Frances Reeds

2017/06/20 Location: NYC Time: 14:05

I just can’t wait to get to the airport
It’s been years since I saw Anna for the last time
I hope the flight will be uneventful

2017/06/20 Location: NYC Time: 14:37

Things are getting strange
An older guy approached me in the check-in line
talking some weird stuff about my father
He pretends to know him

2017/06/20 Location: NYC Time: 14:51

This is getting weirder every minute
Why the secretiveness?
He gave me a small box and introduced
himself as Dr. Jacob Edwards
I don’t know if I should trust him,
but at least he doesn’t look like a killer

2017/06/20 Location: NYC Time: 15:17

This is insane
I was never meant to leave for Anna
It was all made up
I got instructions and only by following the rules
of their secret plan I will be able to see my Dad ever again

2017/06/20 Location: NYC Time: 15:43

I am not Frances Reeds anymore
We’re in some kind of examination room
Dr. Edwards seems to be a VIP of some sort, cause everybody
is quite polite towards him
Nobody asking questions

2017/06/20 Location: NYC Time: 16:08

Have to pass a health check before flight
I am given some vitamins
Some bad old memories arise


Date: Set by default
Location: Signal not found
Time: Signal not found

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Must have fallen asleep
Can’t remember anything
Edwards says we are already there
I feel strange but somehow relieved

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Vitamins again
Can’t wait to see Dad

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Something is wrong
They keep asking questions and
want to take a traditional saliva sample
Edwards trying to calm down situation

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Edwards knocked them all down and told me to run
I feel like a criminal
Where’s Dad?

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Alarms are on
Sneaking outside, then north
No one takes notice
Need to find a red building

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Why did you put me in such danger?
What do they want from me?
What have I done?
I’m hiding in the woods and I don’t kno

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

ithnk the hav drugfdd me my hed what me head
open get my out fohere

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Why have you done that to me?
I can’t see …I can’t breathe … and that stench
It doesn’t make sense
Why can’t we just leave?

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Are you still there?
Please respond to me
I’m hiding in the woods … it’s so silent
…and it’s getting dark
I’m scared
Please locate me and send someone to pick me up
I don’t want to stay here overnight!

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Daddy, please tell me that Edwards
is going to pick me up

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Don’t leave me here, I beg you
Please, help me

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

Please help me
I just want to go home

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

ANYONE receiving me?

2017/06/20 Location: Unknown Time: Unknown

red building
12 miles from the airport in the woods
main path
battery low

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copyright @ Lyorah Studios
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